Tuesday, December 18, 2007

To stoke the fires of anticipation

This post is but a placeholder - a bit of a way of making sure you're still paying attention (few though I'm sure you are who read this). The one bit of news I have is this: Friday the piano tuner is coming to give my lovely dear her first in-home tuning. Once that is complete, I have not one but TWO(!!!) pieces that I'll be recording and posting, hopefully in a few stolen minutes over the weekend before family gets into town. Hopefully within a week you all will be the proud listeners of two shiny new MP3s! Hooray!

Backing up a bit (and making this entry a bit more substantial than was my original intent): what do you all think about the sexes of musical instruments? I noticed that above I made my lovely piano feminine without thinking about it... but I'm not sure that's quite right. I'll have to consider it. My car is certainly a girl, and my computers are boys one and all... but my piano? I'm just not sure. Maybe when I post some pictures you readers can help the personification process. No, I'm not naming it.


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Alex R. said...

Woo, mp3s! We'll be proud indeed!

All of your computers are boys? That's interesting! Some of mine have been male, some female -- and it occurs to me that the one I'm using right now, I'm not sure about. It came prenamed, with the fairly uninspired title "ajr-mac"...

(do you name them?)