Monday, November 12, 2007

Music Clip the First - Prelude No. 2

Update: Thanks to the lovely Copykitty I now have a filtered version of the prelude and instructions on how to fix it myself in the future. Excellence!

This evening I was hit with a fit of productivity, so I recorded my first piano piece to be posted to this site: Prelude No. 2 in C Major by Catherine Rollin. The playing went fine; I only had to re-record twice before getting a more-or-less clean run that was mostly mistake free and didn't have the dog snuffling at the mic. I really really wanted to get this posted so that I can kind of... get rolling, get in the habit, get moving or what not on actually updating. So, bearing that in mind - here are a few big disclaimers.

1) I couldn't get the embedded player I was trying to use to work quite correctly, so you'll have to download the MP3 instead. It's little, I promise.
2) Speaking of little, I recorded this using the voice recorder on my MP3 player. That means that the quality is FAR from stellar. It is, in fact, really awful - thus why it's only a 2 meg file. This is also why the crescendos and decrescendos are not very pronounced.
3) There's some high pitch interference at the beginning that's not bad if you have good speakers, but pretty awful if you have crappy ones (like the ones on my laptop). Again, apologies - it gets down to a tolerable level after a few seconds. If anyone knows how to use Audacity to fix this a bit, I'd appreciate tips.
4) I'm waiting a month for my piano to settle before getting the first in-house tuning, so sorry if the pitch is a bit off. I figure with all the other shortcomings, you'll barely even notice.

Now, all of that said I'll quit my dithering and provide you with the link. Hopefully in the next week or two I can get an improved and embedded version of this uploaded - in the mean time, my apologies to your ears.


JD said...

yay! Now I can get it stuck in my head at work too!

Great job. :)

Jonathan said...

Audacity does have a "noise filter" built in, I was able to get most of the noise out, check it out here:

Jonathan said...

argh, that should be Rollin_Prelude_filtered.mp3

stupid cutoffs.

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