Friday, October 19, 2007

Post the First - In which I introduce the theme of this blog in hopes that you will become a recurring visitor

*cough* My apologies - the title you see above would really be more appropriate for that other blog of mine. But! In my excitement verbosity got the better of me - let me start again.

Welcome to Six Inch Keys, the sister site to my book blog, Seven Foot Shelves. Where 7FS is a compendium cataloging and reviewing my various literary conquests, 6IK will be a place for me to relate my Adventures In Piano! I hope to post here about the process of getting back into practice after a 6 year hiatus, which I'm sure will include lots of dithering about sheet music, dramas about sight reading, rants about pieces from the Baroque period - oh, and last but not least, recordings of my accomplishments.

My new[1] piano arrives tomorrow afternoon, at which point pictures will be procured, squeeing will be audible for blocks, and hopefully another post with a gushing description of the Fine Instrument with which my mother has gifted me appear. Wish me luck!

[1]New is a relative term, to be elaborated upon in aforementioned upcoming Gushing Post.

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Finn said...

I like the Baroque period. :(